February 17, 2012

One-Year Blogiversary Celebration and Giveaway

Epic unicorn drawing by my awesomesauce friend Lyn :)

Can you believe it's been a whole year since I started this blog? Me neither! I can't tell you how grateful and happy I am that I've been able to meet so many amazing writers and bloggers. Thank you for sharing this space with me ♥

To celebrate my one-year blogiversary (and also b/c my birthday was last Sunday!), I'm giving away a slew of prizes! And to add to the awesome, some of my amazingly talented writer friends have graciously offered up critiques as well. Lucky you! :D

There are FOURTEEN (14!) prizes up for grabs:

One (1) person each (so 2 total) will win:
$25 gift card to Barnes & Noble
$10 gift card to Barnes & Noble

Three (3) people will win their choice of a book (or preorder) from any of my agent mates.

Here are some options:(click cover to view GoodReads page)

More options!!! :D
The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett
After You by Jessica Corra
Arclight by Josin L. McQuein
♥ Cheater Beaters by Jennifer Hoffine
Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook
Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor

You're not limited to the ones I picked here. Some of my agent mates have several books published, and you can pick any of them!
God, I hope I didn't miss anyone...

One (1) person will win a "Share my Critique Partners" package. That means you get a critique from myself, as well as my three FABULOUS CPs!
                    ♥ Query + first 5 pages critique from Lori (that's me! :D)
                    ♥ Query + first 5 pages critique from Mindee
                    ♥ 1st chapter critique (up to 20 pages) from Bluestocking
                    ♥ 1st chapter critique from Anna

Seven (7) people will win a critique (1 each) from one of the following talented writers:

Query critique from Gemma Cooper (a literary agent with the Bright Literary Agency, as well as a writer and my agent cousin, represented by Joanna Volpe)

Partial critique (up to 50 pages) from Amy Christine Parker (represented by Lucienne Diver at the Knight Agency)

Query OR first 5 pages critique from Kimberly Welchons (represented by Meredith Kaffel with The Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency)

Query OR first 5 pages critique from Steph Winkelhake (represented by Marie Lamba of The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency)

First 5 pages critique from Natalie C Parker (represented by Sarah Davies with The Greenhouse Literary Agency)

Query OR first 5 pages critique from Michelle Krys (represented by Adriann Ranta at Wolf Literary)

Query critique from Ruth Steven (represented by Julia Churchill at The Greenhouse Literary Agency)

One (1) person will win a colored chibi drawing by yours truly.
I can draw you or one of your characters!

Here's an example of one I did for Stacey O'Neale:

Whew! Lots of awesome things, right? :D

To enter, fill out the form below.
*Entering your information equals one entry.
*For two (2) extra entries, share the contest on any social media site of your choice.
(I don't normally do extra entries but considering the scope of this giveaway, I think it calls for it)
*Book prizes open to all countries Book Depository ships to.
*Critiques and gift cards open to everyone.
*Book winners will be emailed a maximum of two times for book choice and mailing address. If you don't respond within a week, a new winner will be selected.

*Deadline is Wednesday, February 29th.


Good luck! ♥

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